My name is Bonna. Today I am proud to present my new book about David kingdom. This book will smash all previous beliefs about ancient history and will show you truth - where is situated David kingdom in reality. Based only on Tanah (Old Testament) and archeology this book will brake all arguments of those Jews who are believing that David kingdom is modern Israel state. Easy and simple to understand this book explains you Daniel prophecy, Ezekeil and Revelation – it opens facts which no one spoke about. I use terminology of Hebrew words and convinced that during the history real facts about David kingdom were distorted and forgotten and modern translations helped it much. That’s why I recommend you to read Tanah in Hebrew or use interlinear translation from Hebrew to clarify things out. This book is free, I am grateful Yehova (YHWH) Elohim that He gave me knowledge and wisdom to finish this book. Without His help this book would not be written. It is a gift from God for sincere and open-minded people who want to learn Tanah deeper. I will be grateful if you share this book with your friends.

Sincerely Yours, Bonna Shejve

Link to book:

David kingdom: revealing truth – Author: Bonna Shejve